Quality Policy

The goal of our quality policy is to achieve the highest quality and reliability of filtration products to gain not only satisfied customers but customers who are enthusiastic about our solution for their filtration problems. This has been achieved since 2001 by operating and maintaining a comprehensive quality control system based on our certified Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 (registered IQ Net number IL-24203).

At Puromatic we concentrate on the quality assurance of the raw material. The production process and operations are governed by our quality assurance systems. The products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the established international standards.

Our quality commitment is met through implementation of the following general objectives:
  • Thoroughly understand and meet customer's requirements and those of relevant national and international standards.
  • Regular training of employees at all levels.
  • Keep abreast of changes in standards and available methods.
  • Participate in regular independent performance audits.
  • Provide authority and resources for initiation and assessment of corrective actions.

Testing Facilities

Over a period of experience "PUROMATIC" has developed its rigid quality standards. We monitor the quality of our product right from its conceptive stage to the dispatch of goods. The main strength of Puromatic products is quality control. We do not compromise on quality of our products. To maintain the quality our product passes through various quality tests in our own plant as we have our own testing facilities in the plant itself. Kindly find below a list of testing equipment for your kind perusal :-

We have all testing facilities as per ASHRAE 52-92/BS 6540/EN 779